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The Finnish CP Association organises adaptation training for adults and youth with disabilities and for families with children or grandchildren with disabilities.


Adaptation training is a form of habilitation designed to enhance the social functioning of the participants and support their participation in society. It aims to support and promote equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in communities and Finnish society.


In addition to professional support, one crucial element in the adaptation training courses is the peer-group support and the possibility of the participants for sharing their experiences. The adaption training courses organised for groups give the participants time and opportunities for exchanging ideas, information and skills.


Application procedure and costs

To apply for an adaption training course, fill in the appropriate form and send it to the Association office. Please remember to enclose a copy of a medical certificate or your medical history.


Application form for adaptation training courses (in Finnish)


The participants are chosen by the habilitation committee of the Association: each applicant will receive a letter informing them of the admission decisions.


The adaptation training courses are free of charge for the participants. The associated travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the cost of the cheapest available means of transport. The adaptation training courses are funded by Finland’s Slot Machine Association.



Elina Perttula
tel. +358 (0)40 765 9497