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Pienennä Suurenna
Suomen CP-Liitto


The Finnish CP Association cooperates extensively at both national and international levels with associations, organisation and other interest groups to promote the realisation of disabled people’s rights. The cooperation consists of information exchange, development, advocacy and information dissemination.


The Finnish Disability Forum is a cooperation forum of 28 Finnish disability organisations, founded in 1999. It represents the Finnish disability organisations in national and international cooperation forums and networks, particularly in the European Disability Forum (EDF).


The National Council on Disability(VANE) is a co-operative organ for authorities, disability organisations and organisations for families of persons with disabilities. In the VANE pages, you will find the contact details of all Finnish municipal disability councils and details on the legislation concerning persons with disabilities.

Neurologiset vammaisjärjestöt (NV-network) is a cooperative body consisting of 15 Finnish organisations of people with neurological disabilities.


Assistentti.info is a national development project coordinating the organisation of personal assistant services for persons with severe disabilities, the dissemination of related information and the promotion of expertise in the field of personal assistance.

The MALIKE project provides events, courses and training, ideas and solutions for hobbies participation and moving in everyday life, counselling, trying out and renting of functional devices for all families whose children have challenges in moving and for all adults who need the assistance of another person and a suitable functional device in their activities.


The VAPA services aim to promote the access to rehabilitation of addicted persons with disabilities and to enhance authority expertise in the substance misuse of persons with disabilities.


Executive Director
Marju Silander
tel. +358 (0)40 701 4881

Information Officer
Katriina Ekola
tel. +358 (0)45 7732 4557