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The Finnish CP Association organises subsidised holidays in different parts of Finland in cooperation with holiday organisations and other organisations. The holidays are intended for families with a member who has CP, Spina Bifida or hydrocephalus. The participants are chosen on the grounds of their social or economic situation and health status. Since the holidays are co-financed by Finland's Slot Machine Association (RAY), the families only have to pay a small participation fee and the travel expenses.




The subsidised outdoor holidays for special needs groups (abbreviated Soluku) promote the opportunities of people with disabilities or long-term illnesses to take up different activities outdoors. These holidays aim at encouraging the participants to be active, adding meaning to their lives and providing them a supportive social network. For many people, nature is an important source of inspiration, and Soluku wants to put that inspiration to good use.


The organisers of Soluku holidays: You can apply for a Soluku holiday through the five disability organisations involved, which are: the Stroke and Dysphasia Association, the Finnish Epilepsy Association, the Finnish CP Association, the Finnish Brain Injury Association and the Finnish Parkinson Association. The holidays are organised in cooperation with Lomayhtymä ry, which is responsible for the related practical arrangements and financial administration. The holidays are funded with the monies appropriated for subsidised holidays for the disadvantaged by Finland’s Slot Machine Association.


Please read more at www.stroke.fi


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