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Pienennä Suurenna
Suomen CP-Liitto


The regional work of the Finnish CP Association brings the services, events and activities of the Association within the reach of each member. It is coordinated by four regional secretaries. Their offices are located in the cities of Kuopio, Oulu, Tampere and Turku, each serving five local member associations.

The Finnish CP Association comprises of 20 regional, registered member associations which provide services and activities for their membership. 


Supporting local associations

The regional secretaries support the voluntary work of local associations by offering education and guidance for the active members in positions of responsibility. The regional secretaries also support the local activities organised for youth and adults as well as the sports activities and MMC-HC -disability group activities, event planning and recreation. The regional secretaries guide the membership of the Association in the use of services in their area and act as a communicative link between the local associations and the national association.


Rights protection and advocacy

In cooperation with the local associations, the regional secretaries monitor the realisation of their members’ rights. They keep abreast of the changes in the wellbeing services of their region, represent the Association in various workgroups and aim to contribute to the improved availability of services. The regional secretaries convey information and provide materials from the local associations to authorities and vice versa.



A key element in regional work is cooperation with other organisations, authorities, decision-makers and service-providers. The regional secretaries create and maintain contacts with the key stakeholders in the region.


Organization Manager
Virpi Peltomaa
tel. +358 (0)40 5058329