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Innostun liikkumaan


Project Innostun liikkumaan is taking place in the years 2013-2015. It is financed by the Finland’s Slot Machine Association and managed by the Finnish CP Association. Project is executed in co-operation with the Finnish Schools on the Move action programme, the Finnish Sports Confederation Valo, Foundation for Sport and Health Sciences LIKES and the Finnish Heart Association.


Purpose of the project is to find ways to decrease physical inactivity among school-aged children. The main target group consist of children with developemental coordination disorder, physical disability, lifestyle-based overweight or who are feeling physical activity repulsive for some other reason. That means about 20 percent of children attending primary school.

Physical inactivity might cause several consequenses such as

difficulties in social interaction and psychosocial well-being, low self-esteem and learning disabilities.

250 primary schools will participate around Finland. The main goal during next two years is to develop and produce tools and procedures which can be used before, during or immediately after school day. Procedures are developed to be used by teachers and also other people working along with school. The project is also looking for the ways to enhance co-operation between school, health care and third sector.

Planned actions are based on earlier research made in projects Liiku, opi, osallistu and Mukaan - Liikun, opin, osallistun.



Project manager

Johanna Pekkanen
Tel: +358 44 059 8678

Malmin kauppatie 26
FI-00700 Helsinki